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Original Equipment Replacement SA 8580 Model Unmodified

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Original Equipment Reconditioned 99 Volume / Mute Remote Control Full Viewing On-Screen Menu on 8600 Models Only. Unmodified

ViewMaster 4000+ Plus Unmodified

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After market Equip. Brand New Unit 125 Channels Volume/Mute Cont. Full Viewing Auto Neg. Inversion Fully Upgradeable Unmodified





What is an Unmodified Cable TV Box Descrambler? Why would I need one?

1. What does unmodified mean?
Unmodified cable descrambler box means that there have been NO modifications to the boxes that we sell. The box will act as a tuner only and it will tune in all channels from 1-125 that your cable company offers in there basic and extended basic packages only.
2. What if I want A cable box that will tune in the pay per view's and premium services?
These boxes will get you nothing for free. You should contact your cable provider and request A cable TV box descrambler direct from them.
3. What purpose will an unmodified cable box descrambler serve to me?
You will need to purchase A unmodified cable box descrambler if your TV is not capable of receiving all basic channels offered by your cable provider. You must use a cable box if you own A plasma TV without a tuner installed. This will allow you to tune in the decoded signals to a viewable picture. Your cable company can also provide you with unmodified cable boxes if needed, but for a rental fee.
4. Why are the cable descrambler boxes called descramblers if they will not decode the premium channels?
All tuning devises such as your TV, VCR, Satellite Receiver are all descramblers. The signal that is sent down the cable wire must be decoded into something that you can view, there for they are called descramblers.



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